Sunday, August 26, 2007


This is what I had for dinner:

(it's cider and bangers and mash).

Then, I put on the kettle and made myself a nice cup of tea.

(it's Tetley's)

Then, I came very close to ordering this online:

(I decided to wait until next payday)

I'm just curious, though...

...what country do I live in?

Saturday, August 25, 2007


These are some ideas I had for my "new" room.

  1. Paint entire room a soft white. See previous post to see rediculously pink wall. And for the record, it is actually a cinder-block wall, so I just rolled the pink over it too look like bricks.

  2. Take everything off walls, including french board, "create" sign, and various scrapbooked picture frames.

  3. Install a very high shelf along one wall of room (high enough so the kitties don't even have a chance) and place all picture frames along it.

  4. Move bed to other side of room so it is no longer against the brick wall.

  5. Trade desks with mom so I have a smaller one. Paint legs of new desk a nicer color than dark green (color to be determined).

  6. Hang art work on one (or more walls). I like this, this, and one of these. Maybe this one. Frame "We are Scientists" poster and include as art. I looove that poster, despite how wierd looking it is, for many reasons.

  7. Get this bedspread and possibly new sheets.

  8. Paint dresser. Color to be determined.

  9. Hang scarves or fabric as a curtain over top portion of closet to conceal storage.

  10. Figure our a sophisticated way to use dragonfly light strings.

  11. Possibly hang light curtains over window.

  12. Hang french board on back of door.

And just because I want to include a little art work on this entry, here is a picture I took recently that I really like.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aghhh raghhh @#*^! (aka, my stupid, crappy, chaotic room!)

I hate doing massive spring cleanings. I end up just wanting to throw absolutely everything in my room away because I don't know what to do with it all when it's all a massive mess all over my bedroom floor, but I don't let myself because I know I would regret not having a few things later on (aka, every photo I have ever taken). But what do you do with stuff like a never opened, perfectly good box of tacks when you already have two others? Or a bottle of white out you never use, but don't want to have to buy one later if you need it? Or an empty wine bottle that your mom had labels custom made for you college graduation? Or a million, loose flying cd's that you have no idea whether they are empty, contain pictures, or are mixed cd's you don't need. And are they scratched, and therefore useless? The bags of stuff that is going to the good will have made it to the car, quite impressively. But when will they actually get to the goodwill?

But my room needs it, so I plunder on. Once all the crap that I don't need/want anymore is gone from my room, I can think about repainting my wall, trading desks with mom, painting my furniture, re-hanging things, buying a new duvet, maybe buying a rug or something, and just generally making my room a lot less chaotic, and a lot less bright pink. Making it grown-up and cool, but personal. Not hotel like. Not like one giant scrapbook (keep it to the books, please!).

BTW, lots of cool Stampin' Up! stamps for the first gals who call dibs.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Party in Jaime's Car!!!

This is what the interior of my car looked like today. Here is a run down of what's goin' on here.

Photo #1: Wore my awesome Marie Antoinette shoes today.

Photo #2: Jaime nametag was from salsa class! Level two started today. I got the happy face sticker for being a good follower. The iced latte was from earlier today. The coctail looking drink is from my grandma's birthday party! Don't worry, only sprite in the cup. Left my grandma's Hawaii-themed, pool party in Novato in order to get to salsa on time.

Photo #3: Two cd's I'm diggin' right now: The Dirty Dancing Havana Nights soundtrack and the Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack. Very different cd's! Grandma liked listening to Mona Lisa Smile on the way to Novato; it was full of songs from her days as a twenty-somethin'. Silver shoes: my salsa shoes. Started Salsa 2 toaday and loved it: the class is smaller so there is more personal attention. My phone: thought it died a week or so ago after prolonged exposure to liquids, but it pulled through. DVD: mom lent me Miss Potter to watch before it has to go back to Blockbuster. Finally, purple scarf. My dear friend Laurie brought it back from Milan for me. It was such a suprise! It's a great light summer scarf.

Thus, a day in the life of Jaime's fabulous life in the "fast lane" (it's really more like the middle lane). Then again, taking pictures in my car really isn't the safest idea. Maybe I live in the fast lane after all!

Monday, August 13, 2007

You know you're a match made in roomate heaven when...

You both love to eat very good gourmet cheese while watching very bad reality TV.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

As time goes by...

Ashley and I aren't together anymore (he went back home to Wales, etc.) but I still wanted to make this layout about how I felt about him at the height of our relationship. We had a great relationship, and I wanted to remember how I felt about him while we were together.

You can't really see it here, but I scrawled a little message at the bottom of the brown strip of paper. It says: "Haven't I made this page before? I'm getting Deja Vu."

I have made it before. This is what it looked like:

The things I loved about him were written on a piece of paper in a pouch. This is what it said: "Blue eyes, honest, John Cusack-Look-A-Like, silly, different from everyone else, comfortable... and you always loved me, with no strings attached."

I love how some of the things that I loved about him were the same when we were going out for a month-ish* in Wales in 2003-04 and when we were going out for several months this past year when he was in Chico. There are definite similarities, but the way I felt about him deepend the second time around. I guess that's what happens with age, and with more time to explore a relationship.

*A month-ish isn't very long. We were chicken, involved in drama, and we had crappy timing. Let's leave it at that.

Reunited with Nikon

I think my Nikon and I are finally seeing eye to eye.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Prodigal Return

How it happened...

A long long time ago in a far away land... Jaime scrapbooked all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME. She had albums full of completed pages, a job at a scrapbook store, and a desk full of scrapbooking supplies. She even incorporated her senior project into a scrapbook. She loved scrapping and was told she was quite good at it.

After awhile... He love of the hobby dwindled. One day, a little over a year ago, she got irrationally angry at all the scrapbooking supplies that were taking up space in her room. She threw away the dumb stuff, packed up the good stuff, and did not scrap for over a year. She didn't miss it in the slightest.

A few months ago... Debbi found out that Jaime didn't scrap anymore and gave her a few little nudges back towards her once favorite hobby. Jaime starts checking Elsie's blog on a regular basis around this time.

A few weeks ago... Jaime saw Nikki at the Harry Potter book release party. They talked a little about scrapping and Nikki made it sound appealing again.

A few days ago... Jaime loos through some old scrapbooks, searching for a particular picture. She noticed how goos the books look. She is suprised.

Yesterday... Jaime visited the Scrappery in Cotati, on a whim. After seeing all kinds of new stuff, she left the store and went home. She checked her bank account balance, and sifted through old paper, adhesive, and embellishments to see what was what. She burns some pictures onto a cd, and returns to the Scrappery to buy some paper. She gets pictures printed at Target, and buys some adhesive and embellishments at Beverly's.

Today... Jaime creates not a scrapbook page, but sort of a scrapbook frame piece. It was fun. It is made in the style she left of with, but she knows her style will quickly update once she starts looking at magaines again.

Today... Jaime has returned to the scrapbooking world.

PS Jaime has to learn how to take good pictures of her scrapbook pages. This is a new practice, and thus was never an issue for her before. My, how the times have changed! : )

PPS Jaime loves the leaf she made for the flower. It's her favorite part of the project, besides the picture.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

You're it!

Nikki tagged me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger (how sweet!) so now its time to tag some of my fave bloggers back. I'm going to skip Debbi, Nikki, and Brenda (even though I love them and their little blogs too) because they were already tagged. So here are my tagged gals:

Clem. Maybe this will inspire her to blog more often!

Marissa. Because she makes a solid blue background interesting.

Unfortunately, all the people that I mentioned above are the only people that I know read my blog and actually blog themselves. So, that's all for me!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What should I be for Halloween?

Here are my three favorite ideas so far.

1. Holly. As in Holly and Hef.

Difficulty level: Medium. It won't be difficult to find the things I need, but I will have to put effort into the details to make sure I look like Holly, not just any Playboy Bunny.

What I will need: Fake eyelashes, platinum wig, pink argyle sweater, bunny necklace, small dog to carry around (stuffed will be fine), bunny tattoo on lower back (fake, of course), tight jeans, a flatter stomach.

Drawbacks: Will most likely attract the wrong kind of attention. I prefer to attract guys that think I'm adorable and clever, not slutty guys remeber a blurry face beyond a crystal-clear, sizable rack.

Would be best if... I had a "Hef" to walk around with me. Would be best if Hef was played by a girl, it would make it more fun.

2. Mary Poppins. As in practically perfect in every way.

Difficulty level: High-ish. Will need to ransack thrift stores.
What I will need: a carpet bag, hat with flower sticking out of it, long cloak (my peacoat might work), an umbrella, and cute little boots.

Drawbacks: I might get hot, and there are a lot of props to carry around. Could be expensive.

Would be best if... the weather turned out to be really cold this Halloween.

3. Penny Pingleton. As in Amanda Bynes's most recent roll.
Difficulty level: Medium

What I will need: a retro dress, a lollipop, and hairspray. LOTS of hairspray.

Drawbacks: Will have to learn how to tease hair.

Would be best if... I met a really cute African American man with some serious dancing abilities on Halloween night. Would complete the costume if I had a Seaweed! : )
Anyone want to place a vote?