Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aghhh raghhh @#*^! (aka, my stupid, crappy, chaotic room!)

I hate doing massive spring cleanings. I end up just wanting to throw absolutely everything in my room away because I don't know what to do with it all when it's all a massive mess all over my bedroom floor, but I don't let myself because I know I would regret not having a few things later on (aka, every photo I have ever taken). But what do you do with stuff like a never opened, perfectly good box of tacks when you already have two others? Or a bottle of white out you never use, but don't want to have to buy one later if you need it? Or an empty wine bottle that your mom had labels custom made for you college graduation? Or a million, loose flying cd's that you have no idea whether they are empty, contain pictures, or are mixed cd's you don't need. And are they scratched, and therefore useless? The bags of stuff that is going to the good will have made it to the car, quite impressively. But when will they actually get to the goodwill?

But my room needs it, so I plunder on. Once all the crap that I don't need/want anymore is gone from my room, I can think about repainting my wall, trading desks with mom, painting my furniture, re-hanging things, buying a new duvet, maybe buying a rug or something, and just generally making my room a lot less chaotic, and a lot less bright pink. Making it grown-up and cool, but personal. Not hotel like. Not like one giant scrapbook (keep it to the books, please!).

BTW, lots of cool Stampin' Up! stamps for the first gals who call dibs.


nikki said...

hmmm i didn't know you were into stampin up.... i'm trying to deculutter too so i'm not calling dibs.... but i freaking love the brick wall! how'd ya do it?

Debbi said...

I am loving the brick wall too. And I am calling dibs of course. You know I gotta have it all. I am so excited you want to come back to crops. The next one is this friday night from 6 to midnight. Diane runs the friday night crops. Then on the alternate Saturdays I run those crops. So labor day weekend Saturday is the next one I will be at. I will see if Brenda and Nikki will be there. Call the store and get your name on the sign up sheet. How flippin fun to have you back. I can't believe Jen is leaving that soon either. Kind of scarry and exciting at the same time.