Saturday, August 25, 2007


These are some ideas I had for my "new" room.

  1. Paint entire room a soft white. See previous post to see rediculously pink wall. And for the record, it is actually a cinder-block wall, so I just rolled the pink over it too look like bricks.

  2. Take everything off walls, including french board, "create" sign, and various scrapbooked picture frames.

  3. Install a very high shelf along one wall of room (high enough so the kitties don't even have a chance) and place all picture frames along it.

  4. Move bed to other side of room so it is no longer against the brick wall.

  5. Trade desks with mom so I have a smaller one. Paint legs of new desk a nicer color than dark green (color to be determined).

  6. Hang art work on one (or more walls). I like this, this, and one of these. Maybe this one. Frame "We are Scientists" poster and include as art. I looove that poster, despite how wierd looking it is, for many reasons.

  7. Get this bedspread and possibly new sheets.

  8. Paint dresser. Color to be determined.

  9. Hang scarves or fabric as a curtain over top portion of closet to conceal storage.

  10. Figure our a sophisticated way to use dragonfly light strings.

  11. Possibly hang light curtains over window.

  12. Hang french board on back of door.

And just because I want to include a little art work on this entry, here is a picture I took recently that I really like.

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nikki peterson said...

hmmm, the bed spread is not my taste, but it is cute... love all the art.. would get the elsie one and one of the other little girls....
i wish i could do more in my own house.....