Thursday, April 26, 2007


I sincerely identify with the way Bridget Jones over reacts to and over analyzes every little bit of her life. I certainly have been lately, so I felt the need to show this appropriate melo-dramatic spoof trailer as an example of my current state.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Lifetime Goals (preliminary draft)

Ashley and I have been having lenghty discussions about our individual life goals lately. In response to the confusion I have been about what I want to do with my life, he suggested that I make a list of my goals. From this list, I hope to gain focus, direction, and a faint clue as to what I should do next! : ) Some categories are very precise because I know exactly what I want from them, but others are less clear. Though I know I want each goal I have listed to be a part of my life, I don't know the details on how I want each of them to work out.

Here is my current list:

1.Get Married.
Have a loving, healthy, happy, and committed marriage with the love of my life.

2.Have Children.
Have 2-3 kids within my marriage (see above). Adoption is an option, but I would love to carry my children if possible.

3.Have a Career.
Enjoy and take pride in the work I do. Work in a creative profession. Enjoy my workplace envirnment.

4.Be financially Sound.
Practice good financial habits in order to provide for my family and help us do the thigs we want to do in life (buy a home, travel, pay for college, etc.).

5.Create A Home.
Buy a home. Create an environment that my kids want to invite their friends to. Express myself artistically and creatively in the house. Maintain a resonably well organized house.

6.Be Healthy.
Maintain a hppy, healthy, and attractive body.

7.Live Internationally.
At least one more time! : )

Travel experiences I wish to take part in include, but certainly aren't limited to the following:
African Safari, Australia, Hawaii (snorkeling and coffee plantation), Washington D.C. (Holocaust Museum), Prince Edward Island, Prague, Amsterdam, Aushwitz, The Wall of China, Kyoto and Tokyo, The Northern Lights, Amish Country...

9.Write a Book.
The details are still fuzzy on this one.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fashion (turn to the left) Fashion (turn to the right)

"My rule of thumb is always wear what you want, when you want. That will create your own personal style and that is fashion to me"

-Betsy Johnson

I found this quote in blog-land today and it reminded me of how I used to view my relation to fashion in the pre-What not to Wear/The Girls Next Door/America's Next Top Model/The Search for the Next Pussy-Cat Doll days. Ah, simpler times.

I think I watch too much T.V.

Friday, April 13, 2007


You know what's better that stepping on the scale and discovering that you have actually lost a few pounds?

Looking in the mirror and looking like you lost a few pounds, regardless of what the scale says.

We miss our Star Girl

I am sad to announce that my dog, Star, passed away late last Thursday night. She and one of her friends (another dog named Zara) got into a container of snail bait, and ended up poisoning themselves. Daisy, their other doggy friend, didn't eat any of the bait, so she's just fine. A little confused and lonely, but fine.

Star was a very sweet dog. She wagged her whole rear end when she wagged her tail. She had curly hair on her ears that resembled pigtails, and spots on her nose that reminded me of freckles. She was our Star Girl, our Dog Star constellation, and we will miss her loads.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


AMC has been playing one of my childhood favorite movies a lot lately: Splash. Beth and I watched this movie ad-nosiem when we were little. Since I've been catching little bits of it on TV lately, I've begun to realize how this movie has seeped into my adult life, especially events that have happened within the last year.

Hair crimping. While everyone is busy stairghtening their hair, I am crimping mine, a'la Darryl Hannah.

Mermaid Costume. I was a mermaid for Halloween this year.

Tom Hanks. Ah, Tom Hanks. Ever the noble, goofy, cute (in his younger years) and awesomely talented actor. He's been my favorite actor ever since I was a kid. And he's totally the type of guy I fall for.

The Story. When you look at the story all symbolically and Jaime-like, this story is about discovering how far you would go for love. Though I doubt I will have to committ to living my life under water in the name of love, the possibility of leaving my home for love is there.