Sunday, April 01, 2007


AMC has been playing one of my childhood favorite movies a lot lately: Splash. Beth and I watched this movie ad-nosiem when we were little. Since I've been catching little bits of it on TV lately, I've begun to realize how this movie has seeped into my adult life, especially events that have happened within the last year.

Hair crimping. While everyone is busy stairghtening their hair, I am crimping mine, a'la Darryl Hannah.

Mermaid Costume. I was a mermaid for Halloween this year.

Tom Hanks. Ah, Tom Hanks. Ever the noble, goofy, cute (in his younger years) and awesomely talented actor. He's been my favorite actor ever since I was a kid. And he's totally the type of guy I fall for.

The Story. When you look at the story all symbolically and Jaime-like, this story is about discovering how far you would go for love. Though I doubt I will have to committ to living my life under water in the name of love, the possibility of leaving my home for love is there.

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