Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gym Beauty

Like many females, some of my girlfriends down-talk girls who put make-up on to go to the gym. Their comments used to make me feel a little vain because I was secretly one of those make-up gym girls. I was always worried that I would get caught. I don’t know what I thought they’d do. Maybe I was worried they’d tell my college professors and I’d loose credibility as an educated and confident young woman. Maybe I thought they’d take my diploma away. Fortunately, I no long have those worries. Today, I confidently proclaim myself as a gym make-up wearer.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t straighten my hair, put on foundation, and do my nails before going to the gym. I’m not one of those girls. But I have been known to spend a few minutes getting ready before I start my work-out.

It all started one day last summer when I was having a great hair day. I didn’t want to flatten my long luscious waves into a ponytail, so I decided not to bring a hair tie with me to yoga class. I was half convinced that my hair was going to drive me crazy through out the entire class, but it didn’t. In fact, it was an asset. When I was in downward dog, my yoga teacher complimented my posture and commented on how beautiful the pose looked with my hair cascading down. It felt so good to hear a sincere comment about my beauty from someone in a gym. I used my hair in all of my yoga poses during the rest of the class. Instead of pushing it out of my face, I let it fall. It looked beautiful, and as a result, I felt beautiful. I left the gym feeling limber, peaceful, and thin.

Now, I put a little effort into my gym attire. I think of it as my warm-up routine. I put on lip gloss. If I’m not going to a yoga class, I tie my hair up in an artfully messy ponytail. I use a hair tie that matches my pink socks. I wear a sheer t-shirt with hearts on it and a pink tank underneath. I grab my pink yoga mat with butterflies on it, I slide my ipod in my purse, and I go to the gym happy and confident.

After all, isn’t feeling good about yourself what going to the gym is all about? Whether you want to loose five pounds, tone your tummy, train for a triathlon, or simply know that you are doing your heart a favor by running for thirty minutes every other day, aren’t you doing something that will make you look good and/or feel good about yourself? Then why not give yourself a little boost? The old adage says you feel good if you look good, so I say if it makes you feel good to wear lip gloss and pink socks to the gym, then do it. It’s a good workout for your ego.