Thursday, June 21, 2007

What happens when I get hungry...

Perhaps one of my greatest faults, or at least annoyances to other people, is my blood sugar level. It drops suddenly, with maybe a two second warning, and it is not pretty. I get cranky, mean, tired... and I take it out on the person closest to me.
My poor friends and family.
My new resolution is this: keep snacks with me at all times. Trail mix is the best idea. The nuts have protein for long term energy and the chocolate and dried fruits give instant sugar energy. At least the mix will give me enough energy to make it to the next deli or smoothie place.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My new roomie!

Meet Marissa, my new roomate. I also have two other new roomates named Daphne and Niles. Niles is grey and looks like he is wearing a suit all the time. Daphne is striped and hides under the bed all day. Niles and Daphne are cats, clearly, but Marissa is definitely human.

Living with Marissa is really fun. She always puts cups back in the cup cupboard, and she buys lots of magazines that she lets me read.

Pics of Daphne and Niles coming as soon as my battery is fixed!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I rock so hard.

There's nothing better than browsing a website that has published your work only to stumble across an article that the EDITOR wrote praising your story.

Check it out.

I rock so hard.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Momma and Baby Love

Sooo Seattle.

Me in My House.

This is the first house I ever lived in.

When Ashley and I visited Seattle recently, I took him to see it. My dad rents it out now, and we just happened to visit it while it was between tenants (new people were moving in a few days later), so I felt perfectly guilt-free taking invasive photos of one of the cutest little houses I have ever been in.

The structure of my house (I call it that, even though it's not really mine. But in all of Seattle, it's the house that feels closest to mine), is in awesome shape. They put new carpet and new applicances in recently, and all the things that are expensive/difficult to fix look like they are in good shape. However, the lawn needs some serious weeding and manicuring, and the outdoor paint could use a spicier coat of love. Over-all, though, I am pleased with the way the house is holding up.

There are a lot of windows in this house, a situation which offered lots of cool self portrait photo-ops. In this pic, I am looking through the back door and you can almost see through the front window of the house. The white building you see in the window is the renovated garage. It's a perfect little artists studio/office/whatever that really gives this teeny tiny house a little something extra.

I love this house, and I love that Ashley loved it too. I only hope that it makes it back to me one day.

Friday, June 08, 2007

I am afraid of hippos.

This may sound strange, but I used to be terrified of the hippos at the Woodland Park Zoo (Seattle) when I was a little girl. Wierd, considering my favorite animals as a kid were lions. And really, which animal do you think would pose a greater threat if I were to run into the two out in the wild?

None-the-less, hippos used to terrify me. I think it was the way they would just sort of popup from underwater, with absolutely no notice. Or maybe I thought I would fall into their pond. Or maybe I realized, after seeing one yawn, that a hippo could easily swallow my three-foot tall, little girl body whole.

There was a collage of large, smooth rocks that I used to play on while we visited the hippo exhibit at the zoo. They were far enough from the pond where I knew I wouldn't have to worry about falling in, and they were a pleasant distractiont. Pleasant, that is, until someone pointed out to me that they kind of looked like giant hippos, rising out of the water.

This picture, with my mock-Macauly Culkin scream face, shows how I have overcome my fear of hippos. I think I've realized that they can't swallow my new, 5'3", womanly body whole.

It would take more like two gulps.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hello, I'm a Monk Fish!

The Flying Fish Stand in Pike Place Market, Seattle.