Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Promised Adventure

I ran into a trio of people a few days ago that lit an inspired fire within me.

Three people walked into a winery I was visiting: two guys and a girl. I could tell the guys were British the second they walked in the door. They had tousled, just slightly tousled hair, and were wearing polished looking sweaters. The kicker? One guy was wearing a scarf in typical British/European fashion: folded in half, then looped through it's self around the neck. The two guys spoke, and their posh English accents confirmed it.

I asked where they were from. They told me, but I was too excited to even really hear what they said. I found out that one of the guys was living in Seattle (the girl lived there too). I told them I spent a year in Swansea and they were actually excited about it. One guy laughed and said "how'd you end up there?" I also told them I was from Seattle, and I felt like we were all excited about our location connections. It was so fun to have them respond so enthusiastically; usually the British rest on their reserve sides when I talk about Swansea, but these guys were excited with me.

And we all liked the same wines we were tasting too. I joked that we could all share a bottle of wine together. I was kind of serious, though. I wanted to follow them home!

I’ve been looking for some sort of direction in my life lately. I’ve been waiting for something exciting and important to come my way. After my favorite little trio left, I realized what I want to do. I want to go back to the U.K.

I’ve been thinking about going back to the U.K. for awhile, but the moment I had a few days ago made the plan feel right in my soul. I’m implementing a savings plan and I am going to the U.K. for a month in the summer of ’08. From there, I will decide whether I want to move there, or whether I want to seek out a different adventure. It will be so good to see all my friends again, it will be lovely to see my honorary home land in the summer, and it also leaves possibilities for Ashley and my relationship.

More importantly, it's a plan. And it promises adventure.

photo taken at the Gower in Wales, June 2004

Friday, March 09, 2007

Like mother like daughter? Holy Moly.

Is this Robin in Seattle in the late 70's, or Jaime in Santa Rosa in 2006?
My mom moved to Seattle to be a dancer when she was in her early twenties. While she was out there, she dabbled a little bit in modeling. One of the pictures in her portfolio looks eerily like this one. She was way skinnier and taller than I am, but the look is still there.

  • Same hat.
  • Same urban chic look.
  • Same expression.
  • Same style.
  • Same age.
  • Same sideways glance.
It makes me wonder what other similarities are there between my mom and I at this early twenty-something age. Did we have the same insecurities? The same angst? The same goals? I feel like the early twenties are adverised as "the best time of your life" loaded with drunken nights, hip clothes, great jobs, hot sex, and zillions of opportunities. What have the twenties been for me so far? Hard. Hard but beneficial. I've been broke. I've worked through emotional baggage. I've had dozens of jobs. I have too many opportunities.

But I think things will only get better from here. Maybe the early twenties are "dues paying" times. I think everything will start to look better as I head into my mid-late twenties and thirties.

photo by kayleah worthy

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Top Five Reasons Having a Roomate Rocks

1.) Your wardrobe is instantly doubled. Obviously, this number one great benefit of having a great roomate is the inspiration for this movie poster.
2.) Your CD/DVD collection is instantly doubled.
3.) Someone will always drive you to your car the morning after.
4.) You can share a bottle of wine instead of trying to drink it all yourself before it gets yucky.
5.) Someone will listen to your work/boyfriend/commute/weight/etc. gripes
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