Friday, March 09, 2007

Like mother like daughter? Holy Moly.

Is this Robin in Seattle in the late 70's, or Jaime in Santa Rosa in 2006?
My mom moved to Seattle to be a dancer when she was in her early twenties. While she was out there, she dabbled a little bit in modeling. One of the pictures in her portfolio looks eerily like this one. She was way skinnier and taller than I am, but the look is still there.

  • Same hat.
  • Same urban chic look.
  • Same expression.
  • Same style.
  • Same age.
  • Same sideways glance.
It makes me wonder what other similarities are there between my mom and I at this early twenty-something age. Did we have the same insecurities? The same angst? The same goals? I feel like the early twenties are adverised as "the best time of your life" loaded with drunken nights, hip clothes, great jobs, hot sex, and zillions of opportunities. What have the twenties been for me so far? Hard. Hard but beneficial. I've been broke. I've worked through emotional baggage. I've had dozens of jobs. I have too many opportunities.

But I think things will only get better from here. Maybe the early twenties are "dues paying" times. I think everything will start to look better as I head into my mid-late twenties and thirties.

photo by kayleah worthy

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