Monday, January 28, 2008

I rock everyone's socks off!

yesss.... Even though there are stressful and sad and confusing things in my life right now, there are oodless of good things too. I feel like I am rocking mine and everyone else's socks off at work right now. I organized this uber cool series of conference calls with the explorer Doug Stoup about 10 days ago, and I landed two mega-bomb interviews (that I will soooo be sharing once they are edited and posted), and I keep getting in charge of new projects! Yay me!

One of the stressful things in my life? Cables. I love knitting cables. But what I don't love is knitting five rows of cable on a sweater, only to discover that I made this set of cables go in the opposite direction to all other sets.


And I spent a few hours ripping out an error on a dress I am sewing. It took three seconds to screw up, but a few hours to rip out. Now it will take about a half hour to truly fix.

Grrr. The realities of sewing.

Oh well. My reward for good work behavior and antidote to sewing/knitting/other woes?

A pattern so I can make this:

This cool girl designed it.

love ya all...


Thursday, January 17, 2008

So, I got Netflix...

...and I love it. I have three movies at a time, but I am wondering if I should upgrade to the four at a time for awhile. We'll see what happens once the honeymoon period is over.

So far I have watched Season 4 of one of my fave British comedy shows, Coupling. I hadn't ever seen this season (the final one!). It was good, but not great. One of my fave characters (Jeff) left the show and they tried to replace him by having a different actor play a new character (Oliver) who was very similar to Jeff. : (

Right now I am coming on to the tail end of a Big Love marathon. I love that show! It's about a modern day polygamist family that lives a seemingly normal life in the suburbs. I feel like I get an insight into a fascinating world that I know nothing about, and I get so attached to the characters! The actors are great, and this show is just so addicting. I get to watch the final episode of season 2 tonight. Then, I will actually get a chance to watch some movies before I start getting more tv shows again.

Anyway, I took an online survey on HBO's website and found out that I am most like Barb, the first wife. I was initially a little surprised, even though I like Barb. But then I thought about it and decided I am much more like her than I am like any of the other wives.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Harlech Castle is Scary

See, usually I love castles. I made Ashley come on a trip wth me to North Wales with the sole purpose of touring castles. I love castles of all levels of deconstruction. I loved the first two castles we visited (Conwy and Caernarfon). Then, we went to Harlech Castle.
First, proof that I do like castles.
I look happy to be here in this photo, right?

But there were millions of signs like this:

And I was hungry, so I was shaky.
I was tired, because we stayed at a B&B and had to wake early for breakfast.
My legs were rubbery because we had walked up and down millions of castles stairs for two days straight.
It was windy, and as the sign above stated, there was little barrier to keep me from flying off the side of the castle and into the ocean.
It was wet, so the stones were slippery.
And, to top it off, I was wearing my danskos.
Ask my mom to tell you a story about what happens when you wear danskos on slippery welsh stones. She has a good story.
Anyway, all these factors combined made for this face:

I was terrified, cranky, and most of all, astonished that I did not lke this castle. I usually consider myself a pretty adventurous person, but in this case I just knew that I would have little control over being able to catch myself if I lost my balance.

Harlech is a scary castle.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Silly Castle Adventures With Ashley

I was going through all my Wales footage at work, and I found several clips of conversations/incidents do I not only have no recollection of, but made me laugh out loud. So, I put a little video together. It's kind of a little present for Ashley, but I thought some of my other friends might enjoy it too.


It is pretty silly.

Just promise you won't judge me for thinking this is funny.

: )

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

resuming normal life

Ashley and I on New Years : )

Hiya guys! I am back from Wales, and though I didn't want to come home, now I am ready to resume my regular life and get going in 2008.

I guess step one for resuming normal life would be to unpack. Hmm. Must consider this at some point.

Step two would be to get on top of my New Years Resolutions. I try to make my New Years resolutions fun and attainable. No big "I am going to excersize everyday" or other sillyness that is going to last a week and make me feel bad for not following through the rest of the year.

Last year, I made a resolution to learn how to knit a hat. And I did! I knit at least five hats last year and it was fun, productive and educational.

This year, I have decided to learn how to sew properly. I know how to do some very basic thing, like thread my machine, cut out a pattern, and other stupidly easy things, but I want to know how to do make good quality, complicated garmets.

I also want to open an Etsy shop. That is a more challenging resolution, but I still want to do it.

Do you have any resolutions this year?