Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life Continues to rock...

Ali Edwards and Elsie Flannigan are my two favorite scrapbookers. It was so much fun to get to interview them!

I loved talking to Ali about her book: Life Artist. It is such a cool concept.

Enjoy! : )

And see more interviews here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love my job! : )

Remember awhile back when I announced that I rocked my own socks and things were going really well at work?

This is one of the things I was excited about.

Everyone, meet Elsie Flannigan. Designer of the Love Elsie Line of scrapbooking supplies, a fantabulous painter and photographer, and one of those awesome girls who probably doesn't know how cool people really think she is.

Thanks for the interview, Elsie!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

General Jaime Update : )

Hi. My name is Jaime. Remember me? I used to write on this blog.

: )

So, what has been up with me since I last wrote here over a month ago? I have made a lot of stuff. Finished a skirt. Made a skirt out of old pajama pants. Lots of scrapbook pages. A bajillion interviews at work. Some progress on the sweater. Still a lot of drama associated with that though. Three placemats. More on the way!

I have also been sick a lot. Just one thing after another, and I haven't felt 100% in about three weeks. But I think that things will be changing, starting this weekend. : ) I look forward to having energy to make more stuff again.

I have also had my first cavities filled. I also found out my dental coverage sucks. I should become a dentist and make some big bucks. Too bad touching peoples spit does not sound fun to me.

Neil and I are also back into Salsa classes. It's fun when people stop to watch us, then complement us afterwards. We dance so well together. It's really fun! I told Neil that next week we should make our nametags say Fred and Ginger. Haven't yet told him I want to be Fred though!

Speaking of famous old school dancers, I just finished watchin "On The Town" a fun 1949 musical with old blue eyes, plus lots of other fun people. I just adore this movie. I was grumpy before I started watching it, but now I am happy. : )

What else makes me happy? The sweetie. We are planning on him moving here or me moving there sometime in the near future. I can't wait to live in the same city with him again. We haven't lived in the same city since we met in Swansea in 2003-04! He lived in Chico last year, but that's still a few hours away from my chateau. Can't wait for him to be close by. : )

I also found some really cute dishes at Cost Plus and glasses at Pier One. Will buy once teeth are paid for and yarn/scrapbooking/sewing stashes are satisfactory. : )

That's all for now. I wonder when my next update will be? : )