Thursday, June 21, 2007

What happens when I get hungry...

Perhaps one of my greatest faults, or at least annoyances to other people, is my blood sugar level. It drops suddenly, with maybe a two second warning, and it is not pretty. I get cranky, mean, tired... and I take it out on the person closest to me.
My poor friends and family.
My new resolution is this: keep snacks with me at all times. Trail mix is the best idea. The nuts have protein for long term energy and the chocolate and dried fruits give instant sugar energy. At least the mix will give me enough energy to make it to the next deli or smoothie place.


Debbi said...

OH, I get this way too. I have diabetes though. Brenda and Nikki are pretty sensitive to my needs when that happens.

nikki said...

i could never imagine you getting bitchy!