Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What should I be for Halloween?

Here are my three favorite ideas so far.

1. Holly. As in Holly and Hef.

Difficulty level: Medium. It won't be difficult to find the things I need, but I will have to put effort into the details to make sure I look like Holly, not just any Playboy Bunny.

What I will need: Fake eyelashes, platinum wig, pink argyle sweater, bunny necklace, small dog to carry around (stuffed will be fine), bunny tattoo on lower back (fake, of course), tight jeans, a flatter stomach.

Drawbacks: Will most likely attract the wrong kind of attention. I prefer to attract guys that think I'm adorable and clever, not slutty guys remeber a blurry face beyond a crystal-clear, sizable rack.

Would be best if... I had a "Hef" to walk around with me. Would be best if Hef was played by a girl, it would make it more fun.

2. Mary Poppins. As in practically perfect in every way.

Difficulty level: High-ish. Will need to ransack thrift stores.
What I will need: a carpet bag, hat with flower sticking out of it, long cloak (my peacoat might work), an umbrella, and cute little boots.

Drawbacks: I might get hot, and there are a lot of props to carry around. Could be expensive.

Would be best if... the weather turned out to be really cold this Halloween.

3. Penny Pingleton. As in Amanda Bynes's most recent roll.
Difficulty level: Medium

What I will need: a retro dress, a lollipop, and hairspray. LOTS of hairspray.

Drawbacks: Will have to learn how to tease hair.

Would be best if... I met a really cute African American man with some serious dancing abilities on Halloween night. Would complete the costume if I had a Seaweed! : )
Anyone want to place a vote?


nikki said...

i say go with mary poppins.. it's classic. i don't think everyone would know you were holly.... i don't think MP would be too hard to pull together... especially if you start now....
hmmm, now i'm thinking about what we'll be this year....

Anonymous said...

I have black satin pajamas and I think it would be funny to be Hugh Hefner. But then we run the risk of looking like a butch-femme couple. And since people already think we're lesbians from the Artesa holiday party...

Anonymous said...

That anonymous comment was made by your roomie. But you probably figured that out, haha.

Brenda Smith said...

I like Mary Poppins, I think it's easier to identify and would be fun to behave like her. I can't imagine the cool photos you could take!

sheila said...

I think you would be an adorable Penny Pingleton. I can help you tease your hair if you need it.

Debbi said...

I am ROFLOL at all of them. I think you should be HOlly. Halloween is a time to be something you are so not. Roll playing to the max. Is max still an "in" word or am I showing my age?