Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Party in Jaime's Car!!!

This is what the interior of my car looked like today. Here is a run down of what's goin' on here.

Photo #1: Wore my awesome Marie Antoinette shoes today.

Photo #2: Jaime nametag was from salsa class! Level two started today. I got the happy face sticker for being a good follower. The iced latte was from earlier today. The coctail looking drink is from my grandma's birthday party! Don't worry, only sprite in the cup. Left my grandma's Hawaii-themed, pool party in Novato in order to get to salsa on time.

Photo #3: Two cd's I'm diggin' right now: The Dirty Dancing Havana Nights soundtrack and the Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack. Very different cd's! Grandma liked listening to Mona Lisa Smile on the way to Novato; it was full of songs from her days as a twenty-somethin'. Silver shoes: my salsa shoes. Started Salsa 2 toaday and loved it: the class is smaller so there is more personal attention. My phone: thought it died a week or so ago after prolonged exposure to liquids, but it pulled through. DVD: mom lent me Miss Potter to watch before it has to go back to Blockbuster. Finally, purple scarf. My dear friend Laurie brought it back from Milan for me. It was such a suprise! It's a great light summer scarf.

Thus, a day in the life of Jaime's fabulous life in the "fast lane" (it's really more like the middle lane). Then again, taking pictures in my car really isn't the safest idea. Maybe I live in the fast lane after all!


Marissa said...

No, YOU stop reading MY blog!

Oh, and I wrote you a song. In the bathroom:

Daphne pooped
It really stinks
Daphne shouldn't poop

If anyone else is reading this, they must think I'm looney tunes.

Debbi said...

Lets not look in my car OK???????