Tuesday, August 07, 2007

You're it!

Nikki tagged me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger (how sweet!) so now its time to tag some of my fave bloggers back. I'm going to skip Debbi, Nikki, and Brenda (even though I love them and their little blogs too) because they were already tagged. So here are my tagged gals:

Clem. Maybe this will inspire her to blog more often!

Marissa. Because she makes a solid blue background interesting.

Unfortunately, all the people that I mentioned above are the only people that I know read my blog and actually blog themselves. So, that's all for me!


Debbi said...

Congrats girlie. You deserve it. She tagged me too but I gotta think of who I wanna tag back.

Clem said...

You tagged me, thank you my darlin gal, now gotta get bloggin again don't know where i've been oops. Right after this weekend i will be back!! (sound like arnie hehe)