Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where has Jaime been?

Sorry I've been scribbles MIA lately. This is what I have been up to:

1. Went salsa dancing with Neil and some other salsa pals at Seven on Thursday night, but first we stopped by the awesome restraunt Neil works at: Sizzling Tandoor.

2. Interviewed some way cool people at work. Yes, I have an awesome new job now; I create webcasts at PNN.com. Check out my personal page, and my webcast series Cereals.

3. Saw A Flea in Her Ear at SSU. Cool play.

4. Went to Beringers and Castello Di Amorosa in Napa. Sheila works at Beringers, so it was fun to see her. It is a very pretty winery too. Very different from my winery, but pretty nonetheless. And Castello was quite cool. I love castles. All the good pics for Castello are on Marissa's camera and she is asleep right now, so this will have to do until tomorrow.

5. Made dinner for all of my local family members. 8 is a lot of people.

6. Went shopping and bought fruit loops, bananas, rice cakes, cute clothes, a Rilo Kiley cd, and In'n'Out. Not all at the same place.
7. So yeah, I really did all the stuff I listed above (plus work) since I blogged last. But what have I really been doing?

Watching Heroes.

I freakin love this show. I finished the DVDs for season 1, and am now catching up on season 2 episodes online. By next Monday, I will be up-to-date in Heroes land.

I am kind of glad that I am done with Season One, as much as I enjoyed it. I was in Safeway with Marissa and I turned around to say something to her, but she wasn't there and I thought she pulled a Hiro and bent the space time continuim. Thank God I don't own a watch that I can name myself after.

And Peter Pertrelli is hot. Suresh takes a solid second.

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