Sunday, September 09, 2007

These photos make me want to rock out!

...which brings me to another point. I tend to burst into semi-obscure movie/Friends quotes that not many people get. Unless the person I am quoting to is my mom, I tend to get a lot of wierd looks. Marissa gets some too, but not all. For example, she wouldn't have gotten my break out of Pippin quotes after lunch the other day when I was STILL hungry (we've had one yes. But what abut second breakfasts? I don't think he knows about second breakfasts. What about elevensies? tea? luncheon? supper? dinner? Thankfully, Natalie got that one after a little aid.) but she would have gotten the apple pie a la mode joke last night. (i'd like strawberry if you have it). Only my old friend Brian used to get my Friends references, but I haven't seen him in years. : (

Anyway, Ashley probably gets the title of this post. These photos are of a cool band called Art Brut (courtsey of their myspace). They have a song that includes the lyrics:

"Modern art makes me want to rock out!"

Possible Solutions:

  1. Expose my friends to the fabulousness of the media I enjoy.
  2. Get new friends.
  3. Stop acting like such a dork.
  4. Stop caring that people look at me like I am crazy when I quote things they don't get.

Any suggestions? : )


Cheetah said...

I would go with option 4. Just stop caring what others think cause they are just not cool enough to hang with you.

Marissa said...

You know I've got to work on #3. Starting Wouldn't it be awesome if that worked and I was officially not a dork anymore?

P.S. A la mode does not translate to ice cream.