Sunday, September 09, 2007

September 9, 7 pm SCT (Standard Couch Time)

...From here on in I shoot with the following script...

I am comfortably situated on the couch. The remote and my laptop are nearby and I am wearing my favorite lougewear. I will not be getting up from the couch for the entire rest of the evening for any reasons but the following:

  1. To dive under the table if there is an earthquake.

  2. To run out the front door if there is a fire.

  3. To finish making the pasta I have started. A girl's gotta eat!

  4. To put a DVD in the DVD Player.

  5. To get my book or cell phone out of my purse, which is on the dining room table.

I will NOT be getting up for the following reasons:

  1. To get my notebook out of the car so I can work on articles I need to write. There will be ample time tomorrow.

  2. To return the videos that are already overdue.

  3. To burn photos onto a cd.

  4. To do laundry.

Things I am looking forward to doing while on the couch:

  1. Eating Pasta King pesto.

  2. Reading Yes Man by Danny Wallace.

  3. Watching the Girls Next Door at 10pm.

  4. Maybe watching Under the Tuscon Sun. Maybe it will curb my current desire to leave the country and never come back.

  5. Having tea.

Oh, and on a slightly strange and definitely random note, I have decided to be Holly for Halloween. : ) (Thanks for all the advice in the previous post, gals.) Holly and Bridget were in my dream last night, and they helped me put together my costume. Oh, and I asked Holly what Playboy jewelry I should get from Spencers to best communicate Holly, not random Playboy Bunny. She reccomended the charm braclelet she designed, and I agreed. The bracelet is actually at Spencers, BTW.

Anyone get my title and first line reference?


Ashley Evans said...

I did! :)

Ps.-Danny walace is not only king of his own counry but he's also best mates with Dave Gormon! Did you know that?

-Ash x

Ashley Evans said...

What am I onabout?! :/
-Actually I didn't get that reference I'm fibbing! -I got the one above it though! I like the refernce though, -even if I don't know where it comes from.:)
-Where's it from then?

Ashley Evans said...

I wonder if 'Refernce' is in the scrabble dictionary?? or.. The actual dictionary? :?