Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I got bangs! My hair is so "now."

I got my hair cut and colored today! Linh from Teasing Ceasar does my hair and she always does a great job. I love the color of my hair (I'd say it's definitely auburn!) and I love how my hair looks with all the dead ends clipped off the bottom. And of course, there are the bangs to think of as well. I haven't had bangs since 6th grade and they looked horrid at that time. But bangs are "in" now, and I decided that if Rory from Gilmore GIrls looked cute with them, I probably would too. After all, it's just hair. Linh was glad I chose to cut them (I waited until the last minute to make my final decision).

It took three hours for 3 highlight/lowlight colors and a cut. Linh always forgets how much hair I have until she's about half way through my highlights and it seems like she should be done already.

I'm lovin' it. Linh said my hair went from hippie to hip today.

Bonus points for anyone who knows what movie I quoted for the title of this blog. Extra bonus points for those who can find another movie quote (from a different movie) within the text.

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Debbi said...

LOVE you new HIP hair. It looks HOT on you.