Monday, January 28, 2008

I rock everyone's socks off!

yesss.... Even though there are stressful and sad and confusing things in my life right now, there are oodless of good things too. I feel like I am rocking mine and everyone else's socks off at work right now. I organized this uber cool series of conference calls with the explorer Doug Stoup about 10 days ago, and I landed two mega-bomb interviews (that I will soooo be sharing once they are edited and posted), and I keep getting in charge of new projects! Yay me!

One of the stressful things in my life? Cables. I love knitting cables. But what I don't love is knitting five rows of cable on a sweater, only to discover that I made this set of cables go in the opposite direction to all other sets.


And I spent a few hours ripping out an error on a dress I am sewing. It took three seconds to screw up, but a few hours to rip out. Now it will take about a half hour to truly fix.

Grrr. The realities of sewing.

Oh well. My reward for good work behavior and antidote to sewing/knitting/other woes?

A pattern so I can make this:

This cool girl designed it.

love ya all...


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Debbi said...

Cute Cute Cute pattern you found. Dont you just love messing up when your sewing. I hate that. I am hoping to get a sewing machine set up permanatly in my new "room"