Sunday, December 02, 2007

Meet Ginger.

I'd like you to meet someone who i will be staring at a lot over the next few weeks. Maybe even months, depending on how fast I knit.

The thing I would like you to meet is pictured above. Her name is Ginger. And no, it's not the pretty model, it's the beautiful green sweater she is wearing.

Yes, I have decided to embark on knitting my first sweater. And yes, I name my knitting projects. I always name them, usually just after I buy the yarn and choose the pattern. Naming them helps me get the "essence" of the project, which helps me stay on track with my original vision if I have to make decisions during the knitting process.

I am so excited. My fave yarn store, The Knitterly, has the yarn on order for me (same color as shown above) and it should be here in a week or so.


In the mean time, I am working on an experiment. Her name is Jan, and she is a scarf. She is pretty darn crazy. And she might turn out to be rediculously ugly, but she could be a diamond in the rough. She is full of retro colors and textures. Hence, the name Jan. Like Jan Brady.

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Gina said...

I need you and Ginger to come inspire me to finish this blanket I started a few years ago! I used to be a knitting fanatic but kind of lost interest when I moved to Minneapolis and didn't have my knitting circle anymore. Good luck with Ginger, and be sure to post a picture when you're done. : )