Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Weekend in SF

These are some of my fave pics from my, Marissa, and Tatiana's (AKA JMar, MaRose, and TeeHee) weekend in SF. We spent some time in North Beach, and spent the night in the Castro. We went to gay bars at night (my first time. yay!). It was so fun! We saw lots of naked men and lots of butts all weekend. For various reasons. Sometimes it was guys looking out the windows of their hotel rooms with just their undies on, sometimes it was people competing in a best ass competition at a bar, and sometimes it was just because very toned guys were dancing around the club in their underwear.

Description of photos above:

1. The stairwell at City Lights Bookstore. There was another picture that I really wanted to take, but there were lots of people around and I was scared. Of what? Perhaps someone jumping out from behind a bookshelf and screaming "Don't take pictures in here!" More likely just getting dirty looks from really cool people who lurk around City Lights.

2. Little Orphan Andy's: our fave Castro Diner! I won't tell you how many times we ate there. The lights there are quite orange, hence the orange color in the pic.

3. Outside City Lights, just hangin' around North Beach. I like this shot.

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Debbi said...

Congrats on going to the gay bars for the first time. Aren't they the funnest?