Sunday, October 07, 2007

I love harvest.

Harvest has never been more fun than it is this year! Tours at work are fun, I am watching the winemaking process occur right under my nose, the weather is changing, the vines are changing color... I am not even sad to see that almost all the grapes have been picked off the vine, like I thought I would be.

Then, on Sunday, Marissa, mom, and Marissa's mom and I went to the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. It was my first time visiting this fair, and I adored it. We tasted yummy wine from lots of Sonoma wine vendors, ate pasta king pesto for lunch (mmm, garlic), and Marissa and I even managed to find some cute German interns to talk to (mmm, eurpoean boys. my fave). The wine industry is crawling with foriegn interns right now. It's a great opportunity to learn more about wine! I hope American wine students do it too.

We also saw giant pumpkins, all in line to win the prize for biggest pumpkins.

There were lots of different types of apples too.

And here is mini-mom, hitching a ride around the fair in my wine glass.

Still left to go for harvest celebrations? The pumpkin patch! I think I'll go this weekend. I want to enter the PNN Online Pumpkin Carving Contest.


PS. My mom is so much fun.

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