Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Tour of Mi Casa: This is "My Fridge" (Entry #1)

On MTV's Cribs the stars always show you the insides of their fridges. There is almost always a large collection of unhealthy processed foods in there. I won't show you the inside of mine and Marissa's fridge because the outside is much more interesting. We've taken to "decorating" it lately.

From the top left corner, across:

  1. The yellow paper with a sun moon combo drawn on it. Ceja drew it at work, then gave it to me. It's held up by magnets from Muse Picasso in Barcelona.
  2. A pic of me, KayKay and Tiff taken just a week-ish before The Picture People closed for good. : (
  3. Official Altar Boyz magnet I got free for taking a survey.
  4. Schedule of classes at the gym. I decorated it with markers I got in my gift bag at Delaney's birthday

Bottom Left Corner, Across:

  1. How I Met Your Mother ad from a magazine. It starts new again next week, and we cheered Neil Patrick Harris on tonight as he was nominated for an Emmy. You don't watch it? How is not watching How I Met Your Mother? Because watching it is awesome! Seriously, How I Met Your Mother is a fresh, awesome show. It reminds me of the first few years of Friends. Here is a legendary essay about it, it you're interested.
  2. A pic of Mandy Moore from cool photo shoot in an old-ish issue of Jane Magazine. Various stars were supposed to spell their crimes out on boards as if they were taking mugshots. Mandy Moore's crime? "Singer of Candy." (a really silly, cheesey song.)
  3. J and M magnets. Move in pressie from Marissa! J is fr Jaime and M is for Marissa, but JM is also my initials.
  4. Pics from a party Christina Aguilera threw for her husband. I love her, and it looks like they are really having fun together! We like that her husband is dorky, but cute too. Page ripped out from a magazine.


  1. Oliver's beer and wine tasting schedule. Held up with a martini magnet, for good measure.

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