Sunday, September 02, 2007

I said no, no, no.

Rehab seems to be a theme that is permeating my existance lately. I bought the new Amy Winehouse cd so "Rehab" is permanently stuck in my head. The day after I bought it I was watching E! and discovered that her stepfather was urging people not to buy her cd untill she goes to rehab.


Half of Hollywood is in rehab. The only one I really worry about though is Owen Wilson. He's not in rehab (I don't think) but apparently he tried to commit suicide. I find this very sad because I really like him. I think he is very talented, and I hope he doesn't pull a Belushi disapearing act.

I don't need to go to rehab, thank God. I am not an alcoholic or a drug addict. But I do work in an industry where alcoholism is quite prevelant. I know a few people who I am concerned about.

My addiction?


I got addicted to coffee when I worked at Starbucks. I am so thankful that I am addicted to coffee and this is why: I learned that it is easy to become addicted to something that is available to you for free, something that you work with, and something that all your other friends use regularly.

I very rarely want to drink after working around alcohol all day, which I think shows that I don't have an innate draw towards alcohol. But if I am glad that I am aware of how socially accepted habits can become dependencies. I'm certain that I will not, one day, be going to rehab. No, no, no.

Unless someone develops a rehab center for coffee addicts. Or for shopping addicts. I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. : )

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